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Changes to cashiering for student related payments

Dear colleagues,

What is happening?

Student Services is moving to a cashless (cheque and cash) operating environment effective Monday 30th May 2016.

What does it mean?

All student payments should be completed electronically (wherever possible) using Curtin ePay at For details and further information see Payment Options.

For students, or persons wishing to make a payment on behalf of a student, please refer to Curtin ePay where payment can be made using Credit Card, MasterCard and Visa Debit Card, PayPal or Flywire.

Examples of student payments which can be made:

  • Student Fees (Domestic and International),
  • School Incidental Fees,
  • Study Abroad payments,
  • Student Penalties and Fines, or
  • Curtin Student Housing payments

Who Can I contact?

If you require further assistance please contact the Student Service Centre, phone ext. 3399 or email